Final Expense & Medicare T65 Leads

Sell more Final Expense with Medicare T65 Leads

Many FE Insurance agents make thousands cross selling our Medicare Turning 65 Leads. Our strong hold in the final expense area will ensure a customize campaigns which will transfer into more sales in the field. There are very few companies that really provide what we do. We are among those few companies that believe in offering legitimate pre-set appointments and insurance leads to boost the growth of insurance agencies across the country.

Imagine getting more than 20 final expense appointments every week

What effect will that have on your income? How will that effect your final expense production by year end.
We bring you quality leads through a trained a dedicated team, which is certainly challenging for the average agent to do on your own. Our company keeps on implementing new ideas to its innovative approach in generating leads for our clients. And, we are confident about doing all you aspire because:
Why use our Telemarketers for FE Insurance Leads
  • We own a database company which is updated every 30 days
  • Our company runs a cell center, which helps produce final expense telesales
  • We employ experts from the final expense insurance industry

Features of our call center system

Call Transfers: Company does not charge you with any other fees except the cost of live transfer leads. On top of that, we do not add per minute charges on calls transferred. We endeavor to do something more than what you expect and thus we have designed the package in a way to ensure maximum live transfer leads in the price.

Call Recording: Businesspersons can listen to or download the recorded calls of life insurance leads for quality assurance.

Proper Training: Company provides proper training to the persons concerned so that they learn the mechanism of live transfer leads dashboard and make the most of mailers.

Customize Service: It has always been our major concern to bring our preset appointments that’s different from our competitors through customization. We include special product offering and benefits to ensure a more qualified lead when you arrive at the appointment.