Life and Medicare Insurance Leads

Nationwide Life Insurance Sales from Medicare Leads

Our operations during the past few years in assisting the insurance agents from various cities and states have earned us a decent reputation in the lead generation programs and pre-set appointment arrangements. We have received positive reviews from our clients by the virtue of extended support and spontaneous relationship building efforts. Raising over 60 percent increase in annual sales through exclusive lead generation and Annual Enrollment Period programs, our company has build an eminent position in the telemarketing services industry. Employing multiple directional targeting methodologies such as telemarketing for appointment settings, email marketing and online advertising, we reach out to the genuine customers to generate leads.

Insurance agents are under constant pressure when it comes to lead generation and raising their sales

The age old TV advertisement based propaganda is very expensive and the direct bulk mailing results in extremely low returns. To make a good fortune as an insurance agent, you will have to stay milestones ahead of the competitors. A strategic approach, to reach out to the targeted customers, results in higher conversion rates. Our telemarketing and pre-set appointment services can change the entire scenario in providing exclusive leads and bookings.

Exclusive Life Insurance leads are key to success

We aim to develop a long term relationship with all our clients. We provide premium quality for our clients who struggle hard to expand their businesses. In addition to these, we also assist our clients with data and application oriented support to help our clients to expand their insurance business. We strictly abstain from unfair practices and never resell the leads.

Customize Insurance lead generation program

Our program can be a good option for raising the income of insurance agents. There are several customers who seek to explore plans covering the burial expenses to prevent their loved ones from living under the stress of financial burden. We operate on strict business policies and do not resell these leads. All leads are 100 percent exclusive and extracted from currently updated databases. All databases are updated once in a month after verification and checks to provide only potential customers to our clients.
Life insurance plans are in great demand. We have gained success in attaining an average nationwide closing ratio around 30% to 40%.