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Exclusive Medicare Insurance Leads Nationwide!

Our Telemarketers set affordable Health Leads, Medicare appointments and Final Expense leads for Insurance Agents Nationwide. We offer you the best solution to roulette wheel and develop prospective clients for your health and life products and also we provide you great resource to sell more Insurance plans. Our website is the best source for you to get health, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Life Insurance leads. Lisez sur paris sportifs en Français. As you have experienced, selling health insurance is much more challenging than selling any other products since the prospective clients are scattered apart in a large ocean. However, when you have the best leads, it will be quite easy for you to get in touch with the prospects that are in search of the product that you sell.

Weekly Medicare Supplement Leads for Insurance Professionals

For Med Supp leads we are the number one source, take it for granted! When you have the best quality leads in your hand, you can beat the competition more effectively and soon reach the level of a market leader. Our health leads will help you sell more Individual Health insurance products or Group Health plans in the next 30 to 60 days. Generating quality health insurance leads саn bе challenging еsресіаllу іn thе insurance industry. However, yоu‘ve found a great quality source for exclusive medical related leads.

Exclusive Medicare T65 Sales Leads

You will experience more Medicare Advantage enrollments and Medicare supplements with our Turning 65 Leads. When we provide you the leads you can devote your whole time for the actual selling of the products and you will have ample time to sell more health plans. You need not spend your time to find out the prospects. In other words, we pinpoint the actual prospects who are interested to buy your products and your only job is to cater to their needs.

Weekly Medicare Advantage Appointments

The leads that we provide take you to the prospective customers in real time. Moreover, we ensure regular supply of the leads that take you to the potential customers in the market. The leads that we provide take you to only those who are ready to sign up.

Exclusive Medicare Leads Starting at $350!

Servicing Insurance Agents, Brokers, FMOs, and Growing Agencies Nationwide!

Our Telemarketing Organization Offers The Following



Telemarketing preset appointment services are available for the medical advantage. All state Insurance agents selling Medicare policies need to consider our telemarketing services. We provide exclusive, fresh & real time leads.


We are committed to provide fresh and quality health insurance leads to our clients to raise the sales prospective.We prepare fresh databases so that the insurance agents can derive optimum benefit from these exclusive leads


The turning 65 leads service is extended to the licensed insurance agents. These agents can pick their own schedules and area of operations and the customers will be approached accordingly by the telemarketers.  


There are several insurance products that you can sell to the thousands of customers in your city and locality.We have fresh databases of customers that arein high demand of suitable offers.Acces our services to fix an appointment with them and keep generating sales


Reach down to the multiple down line insurance agents and the customer with the single effort by using our broadcasting services to convey your message,We offer superb sound clarity and audibility that will help to send your voice message instantly


The live transfer Leads is an excellent strategy to acquire more business and increase sales. Customers are looking to purchase medical insurance policies.This service enables insurance agents to receive calls directly from telemarketing or voice broad casting

Medicare Supplement Leads for Phone Sales or Face to Face Appointments.

We specialize in providing health insurance leads, Medicare leads as well as group health insurance leads. Our experience in this field is vast since we are in the market for the past so many years. In the market, we help the consumers to find out the best and affordable health insurance plan for them. Our real-time health insurance leads provide the consumers direct access to insurance agents like you who can provide them the best insurance plans that meet all their requirements. By way of providing individual as well as large volume leads, we enable the insurance agents to expand their customer base and also sell more health plans. We claim as your best source because we connect you with the real customers only who are actively in search of the insurance plans that you want to promote.

Turning 65 Insurance Leads and Pre-Sets

We assure you immense opportunities to promote various Health Plans and you will experience more Medicare Advantage enrollments and the various Medicare supplements to seniors Turning 65. As a matter of fact, the consumers today have numerous options when they want to buy health insurance plans. Our approach in the market is made in such a way that all those in your area who are in search of medical insurance plans or group health insurance plans are directly connected to you. The leads that we provide are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the consumers. When we provide tailored leads the consumer need not spend more time to find out the insurance agent who can provide the insurance plans that exactly match to their needs.

Sell more Life, Final Expense, Long Term Care and Annuitys with our Medicare Leads

We are committed to provide quality leads to Insurance agents. Our partnership enables the insurance agents to have high volume leads that provide them the prospective buyers who are actively searching in the market for health insurance plans. As the providers of the best quality leads we are committed to satisfy the insurance agents as well as the consumers. All the insurance agents who buy our leads experience more Medicare Advantage enrollments and Medicare supplements since they are able to get easily the prospective customers who are really interested to buy the particular insurance plans. As a result the consumers are able to get an immediate quote online from the agent. For the consumers, it will be a smooth, easy and quick process. By providing an easy, comfortable and reliable service we make the consumers to buy the insurance plans from the agent. Hence, the agents who buy the leads from us are assured of a higher close ratio. We provide them exclusive health insurance leads that enable them to expand their customer base rapidly.

Affordable Senior Health Leads

We assure the insurance agents consistent delivery of quality leads. We provide them the leads for consumers who are really interested in health insurance, Medicare Plans and group health insurance plans. The agent who specializes in Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplements will certainly find our partnership highly rewarding. The health insurance agents will find that the prices of our leads are highly competitive. Those who want to procure the best quality leads at affordable prices are sure to find our partnership highly beneficial to them. They need not go anywhere else when they have our mailing list. For health insurance, group health insurance and Medicare, we provide the agents the best selected leads. We have a long list of highly satisfied insurance agents to whom we supply quality health insurance leads. With our experience in the insurance market, we are able to identify the right consumers for specific insurance plans. We provide you health insurance leads that produce actual sales.

Why Health, Medicare and Life Insurance agents buy our Leads and Pre-Sets?

Health and Life insurance agents who buy leads from us are assured of rapid increase in their sales so as to maximize their profit. For the insurance agents, the timing of their interaction with consumers is the most important factor in making a successful attempt. Through the leads that we provide, they are able to contact the consumers who are actively interested to buy the plans. We provide mailing lists for specific areas. We provide the leads on an on-going monthly basis. We provide the leads for specific types of consumers like those who are interested in long term health insurance plans for children and the senior people who are in search of supplemental health insurance plans. We assure the agents the best source for exclusive Health, Turning 65 and Medicare Leads. The health insurance leads that we supply show the insurance agents the great way to their success.


Quality telemarketing leads for Low-income Dual eligibles are offered as well. We have the experience to create a customize telemarketing campaign to help insurance agents secure a weekly source of leads. With little exploration online, you will learn about a myriad of insurance lead companies selling the same leads to multiple agents , but being the most trusted insurance agent among them is the most difficult job as an insurance consultant.


Our turning 65 medicare Leads position you to sell more Medicare Advantage plans year round. Our Telemarketer will play a big role in enhancing your sales. Our clients are Medicare insurance professionals and brokers. We make it easy for insurance professionals to sell their Medicare-related products to interested potential clients. We understand that insurance professionals have to deal within a challenging marketing environment; this is where we step in to close the bridge between Medicare insurance professionals and prospective clients with the help of our trained telemarketers skilled at producing Medicare insurance leads.


Quality medicare leads and T65 pre-set appointment is a constant complaint by most sales agents. it is just too hard to get a hold of high-quality products, services, or just about any aspect in our daily lives. For business owners, the acquisition of quality leads and appointments are a top most priority for many. Getting quality leads assures them that a closed sales deal is imminent and an appointment set at that boosts those chances even higher.

Providing Exclusive Telemarketing Leads is Our Specialty

We are a premium telemarketing service provider with the ability to customize any type of lead generation programs. Helping insurance agents acquire quality leads can begin the same week of your order. We provide different programs that will position you to sell more Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement leads, Turning 65 and health insurance sales leads.

Using our U.S. Based Telemarketers your Sales Force Can Now Relax!

We are the leading provider of telemarketing campaigning and sales leads for the insurance industry. We only offer exclusive quality lead product to help the insurance agents, brokers and FMO’s sell more policies. Make our insurance leads the prime strategy of your agency’s marketing initiatives, to find prospects that are already looking forward to buy the insurance products that you intend to sell.

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